One of the materials used in all of our pieces are yellow gold or rose gold plated 92,5 sterling silver. As other jewelries and accessories, our pieces also react to humidity and chemical substances. It is best to put our pieces in an air-tight bag when not in use, and to avoid contact with water. Also avoid direct contact with other forms of liquid. We advise for the pieces to be worn after using lotions and perfumes to minimize contact.


Our pieces are complemented with Balinese-made bone carvings. All of the bones used in our pieces are recycled industrial waste, and no animals are harmed during the making process. Each material is selected carefully, yet any minor differences: including marks, textures, and colour differences are part of the material’s natural characteristics and the end-result of manual craftsmanship. These differences should be considered as every pieces’ own unique value.


We are happy to discuss any kinds of services. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email: shop@titianjewelry.com for inquiries.


Please contact us directly, also via email to shop@titianjewelry.com or whatsapp +6287882736368 / +62817389722. We’d be glad to answer your questions regarding our pieces. We’d want our wearers to understand the pieces they possess dearly.


To order, contact us via email: shop@titianjewelry.com, or whatsapp +6287882736368 / +62817389722. Payments are done via bank transfer (BCA). Products will be shipped via JNE for shipping around Indonesia. We do not ship internationally at the moment.