Balinese Silver and Bone Carving Industry

Balinese Silver and Bone Carving Industry

One of our silver craftsmen, Wayan, telling stories about how the silver making industry first started in 1968. The silver making skill has been passed through generations since then, and as most of the villagers, Wayan found himself learning everything about the industry from his parents. Sadly, as time goes by, the craftsmen in the village keeps on decreasing, until now, changing professions to those who give out better promises.

Now, as his father before him, Wayan found himself relying the sake of this industry in the next generation’s hands.

“My personal hope for the industry is for the next generation to keep going and to use what we already have: our identity, our passed-on skills, to compete out there in the market and to bring the best out of this industry” –Wayan.


One of our bone carvers, also named Wayan, explaining how the bone carving industry first started: They were wood carvers, until some introduced the others to carve new material: bone waste. They started with the simplest set of tools, which evolved into electrical rotary tools by now. Nonetheless, all is done manually. This is why every bone carvings differ slightly from each other.

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